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We aim to provide a free and inclusive location for conversations of all things sauna.


To see the day where every sauna question is answered, every fire is started and every party is enjoyed; all because information of sauna was easily accessible.


Fun, Safe, Respectful, Educational and Fair.


Sauna Forums was born after a man who was building a sauna realized, “there is no sauna general and non affiliated forum online”. That man happened to be a developer, and voilà (Sauna Forums).

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Sign Up and Start Sharing All The Sauna Goodness. Please post tastefully, do not post adult content, harass/bully others, or share private personal information such as phone numbers, emails, address etc. Our Goal is to keep our forum fun, safe, respectful and educational.

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Sauna Forums receives no financial contributions for website listings.  We value a fair, open and honest forum; free from financial persuasion.  If you see something on our forums that is against this ethos, please report it asap.  Do to our design vision we simply can not list every single company our website logo. 

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We are working hard to make our website super awesome!


How do I sign up?

Go to our Register Page.  You will provide your desired username and email.  We will then send you an email confirming you are who you say you are.  In the email we send you there is a link to set a password.  That’s it, you should then be able to Login and start sharing and asking questions.

How do I change my profile picture?

Touch/Click on your username.  This will take you to your profile page.  Touch/Click the Edit button.  Then use the image uploader to set your profile image, then select Update Profile at the bottom of the page.

How do I update my bio?

Touch/Click on your username.  This will take you to your profile page.  Touch/Click the Edit button.  Then enter your bio information in the bio text field and select Update Profile at the bottom of the page.

Can I receive email notifications of new topics and replies?

Yes.  On every forum and topic, you can choose to Subscribe by touching/clicking on the subscribe button.  To unsubscribe simply touch/click the Unsubscribe button to stop receiving email notifications from the forum or topic you are viewing.

Who can join the forum?

Anyone and everyone who loves sauna.  Individuals, websites, companies etc.  But of course, be tasteful and most importantly be here to help educate not advertise.  Certainly, in your introduction, you should share who and or what your company is all about.

Is the forum free to use?

Yes, and it will always be.  No exceptions, free.

How does the forum make money/cover operating costs?

At our current usage we are able to fund the costs ourselves.  If in the future we need financial support for additional infrastructure we will ask the community for donations.  Donations will be done transparently and go directly to the operating costs of Saunaforums.com and those managing it at that time.  We do not see the need for donations until we reach a bandwidth which is in the millions of page-views per day.  Hopefully, we reach this ‘opportunity’ at some point.  We are not here to make money, we are here to uplift sauna, worldwide.  We take an Open Source ethos into what we are doing here.


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