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    Wilson Stream Sauna

    Hello All: Greetings from Garrett Conover in central Maine. I have a lovely log sauna along the Wilson Stream. For about ten years I’ve been working on a photography and text book project with the working title Sauna Magic. No sign of a publisher yet, but an impressive heap of rejection notices as is usually the case in the long exasperating trail of courting publishers. I have a homework assignment from one recipient of my proposal: “convince us that we can sell 5,000 copies of your lyrical and lavishly photographed book and we’ll talk. 10,000 copies and we’ll draw up a contract.” Those may be daunting numbers by themselves, but it is estimated that there are 1 million saunas in North America, which indicates a million people with a known interest. Surely there must be 10,000 people willing to buy a lovely book on a favored topic.
    Check out my Traditional Sauna presence on Facebook for more inspiration.


    Sauna Forums
    Sauna Forums

    Awesome to have you here! We listed your site on the Sauna Websites page as well!

    North Woods Ways

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    I am super happy you got to the forum. I have checked out your website multiple times in the past! Maybe you can share some inspirational photos at the Sauna Inspiration page?

    Thanks for being so cool 🙂


    Wilson Stream Sauna

    Dan: Happy to be here. I think I followed to your site either from a post on the 612 Sauna Society FB page or perhaps there was a link directly on one of my pages. Thanks.


    owen christensen

    Welcome, I’ll check out your Facebook page. I’ll get your book when it comes out.

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