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    Hi Folks, Just found this forum so I thought I’d join in. I built my wood fired sauna 28 years ago. Myself and a few friends do a Monday night sauna just about every week of the year. Have to shut mine down in the dry of summer due to fir trees over, but have another of my buddies (R.I.P.) that his wife lets us fill in that time at his. I moved mine 15 years ago to a place I rented, bought property 9 years ago and they let me keep it there. Luckily I have another neighbor 1/4 mile away that calls me 3 or 4 times a month to join him in his. I just got the county off my back for building a house addition, and so ready to build a new one on MY PROPERTY…wahoo. I’m going to build this one with just one low bench and include a few stools to set on it for those who want it hotter. I’m not getting younger and I don’t want to take a tumble getting up or down from a high bench. I love doing saunas and it is definitely MY CHURCH. Looking forward to having one I can walk out the door in my robe….maybe within a year, but it sure won’t have that broke in feel like my other one. Good day to all and keep enjoying the heat.

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